Urban Sanctuary

Take some time to pay attention to the abundance of subtle, thoughtful detail, characteristic of historic style: reclaimed materials, sustainable drought tolerant plants, a place to escape the outside world.

Designed by:

Garden Master: Paul Hunyady, Michelle Bernson
Mooch Exterior Designs/North Park Nursery

Nativ Oasis

Drought tolerant doesn't have to be dry; it can be innovative, inviting, and beautiful. Save water and love your yard with your creative, native design.

Designed by:

Garden Master: Andrew Vartani, Anthony Krikor
Plant Nativ

Waterwise Oasis

A rich-textured treescape that belies low water needs with magnificent mature plants perfect for the San Diego climate.

Designed by:

Garden Master: John Shipp
Moon Valley Nurseries

Palm Paradise Nursery
Moon Valley Nursery

Creating Harmony

Using a combination of succulent and drought tolerant companion plants with color and texture.

Designed by:

Garden Master: Mike Hirsh
Gardens by the Sea Nursery

KRC Rock

Can Be Beautiful

Demonstrating some of the wonderful ways that succulents and drought tolerant plants can be used to create interest and beauty in gardens.

Designed by:

Garden Master: Rebecca Hillix-Garcia
Rebecca Hillix-Garcia Designs

Waterwise Botanicals
Scotty’s Plantscapes

Visions of a Tropical Rainforest

Inspired by an exceptional ecosystem comprising 2% of earth’s landmass and 50% of the diversity of flora and fauna. Rainforests are our planet’s lungs, absorbing carbon and releasing oxygen and provide a wealth of raw materials. Remember how important it is to save our rainforests!

Designed by:

Garden Master: Juan Dorta-Duque
Stonebrook Landscapes, Inc.

Briggs Nursery
Evergreen Nurseries
Javier’s Flowers

California Gold

What could be richer than a landscape bursting with the best, most beautiful drought tolerant plants in California?

Designed by:

Garden Master: Mike Kish
Green Acres

Southwest Boulder


A lifestyle of ultimate freedom. Discover the path to sustainable luxury.

Designed by:

Garden Master: Dominic Ramirez, Scott Hilton, Jesse Freund
Lux Landscape Design

Moon Valley Nursery
  Imperial Sprinkler Supply
Southwest Boulders
US Reclaimed
Water line Pools & Spas
Genesis CA
Countrywide Metal
Vertical Garden Solutions
Mar-con Concrete Products
Growing Landscapes 
Urban Stone
San Diego BBQ
Site One

3 (in Japanese symbol)

Three is a magic number that works across all media, formats and sizes. Three is beauty, symmetry, and design.  It contains the beginning, middle and end; heaven, earth and waters; body, soul and spirit; past present and future.

Designed by:

Garden Master: Rick Warren
Olive A Dream Trees

Olive A Dream
Rainbow Koi
Mr. Yabo
Roger &Coyote

The Impact of Color

This garden packs a visual punch by creating a design focus in a small area with beautiful, colorful plants.

Designed by:

Garden Master: Brandon Bullard
Desert Theater


Healing Waters..Elixir of Life

Water features dominate this landscape as the essential element of life with endless possibilities. Tranquil, flowing, restorative, refreshing…cleansing mind, body and spirit.

Designed by:

Garden Master: Scotty Ensign
Scotty’s Plantscapes

Moon Valley Nurseries
Jeff Falk
Brett Ensign
Gayle Ensign
Rose Ensign

Recinto Sereno

Line, scale, materials, color create the promise of this “serene enclosure” with a palette of structural, eco-friendly, drought-tolerant plants enhancing the architectural style.

Designed by:

Garden Master: David Nuno, Alfonso Cora
Epic Landscape Construction

POC Studio
Modern Builders
J&W Lumber
Westside Building Supply
Sun Valley Nursery
Baez Designs

Waterfall Dreams

“Wake up, wake up! You're having a dream.” Look around you. What do you see? You are in a magical place where water flows abundantly, everywhere the eye can see. A place where all of your favorite plants thrive together in constant bloom, a festival of color. Nature seems to have relaxed the rules, the grass IS always greener here…. “Pinch me, is this paradise or my back yard?” Yes, it could be…

Designed by:

Garden Master: Calvin Briers
Advanced Waterscape

Walter Andersen’s Nursery
KRC Rock

Diversity: Landscape Dreams: Colorful Desert Isle or Tropical Paradise?

You choose. San Diego’s climate will support a wide range of plant palettes from lush tropical plants to dry desert plants--and so much in between.

Designed by:

Garden Master: Steven Collins
Evergreen Nursery