Spring Garden Masters 2016


Err On The Dry Side

Gold Award

Best Compatibility of Plants
Best Combination of Plants
Perfection in Nomenclature
Outstanding Plant – Aloe dichtome,
Agave ‘Kisso-Kan’ variegata,
Echinocactus polycephalus

A simple space that allows one to truly enjoy their garden. Showcasing the beauty, texture and form of the living treasures it holds, this garden is suited to use less water. Whether at home or away, feel free to “Err on the Dry Side!”

Designed by:

Garden Master: Brian Bullard
Desert Theater

Design – Steve McDearmon, Garden Rhythms
Succulent Designs – Katie Christensen, Miss Katie’s Garden
Patio Furniture Plus

Cottage by the Sea

Silver Award

Most Appealing to Children
Perfection in Nomenclature

Whimsical accent to add flare, fun and function Planted with drought tolerant plants accented with plants for the pollinators and edibles this garden has a zest for coastal or inland gardens.

Designed by:

Garden Master: Paige Perkins
Garden Chat

JJ Handyman
Noe Builders
KRC Rock
Rocky's Tree Service
Sprinkler Doctor
Evergreen Nursery
Green Meadows Nursery
Lucy Warren
My Crew

Asian Fusion

Best Topiary Feature
Perfection in Nomenclature

Walking through our garden seems as if you could be walking thru an ancient yet mysterious olive grove, 1000 years ago set in a small village in Japan.

Designed by:

Garden Master: Rick and Amy Warren
Olive a Dream Trees

Dwell on This: For the Modern Lifestyle

Gold Award

People’s Choice Award
CLCA Award
APLD Award for Excellence in Design
Design Excellence
Best Hardscape
Most Educational
Perfection in Nomenclature

Welcome to a new way of living in today's modern world. Live, Work, Lounge, and Entertain while moving through each room with ease. Each setting is designed to accommodate the many uses of the modern dwelling.

Designed by:

Garden Master: Dominic Ramirez
Lux Landscape

US Reclaimed
The POC Studio
Water line Pools & Spas, Inc.
Jackie & the Beanstalk
Vineyard Landscape
Genesis Energy Solutions
4S Gardens, Inc.
Artisan Concrete
Choice Nursery
San Diego BBQ
Vertical Garden Solutions
Industria Metal Supply
Kichler Lighting
Grace Home Systems
Mar-Con Products
Evergreen Nursery
Bull BBQ
All Masonry Supply
KRC Rock

Sights, Senses, Conservation And Conversation

Silver Award

Gardens are many things, ours is a place to be awakened to visual elements of color, texture and imagination. All it takes is a little resourcefulness. Creating a garden space to include the elements of living with room for invention, conservation awareness and simply inviting the senses to each day as we relish in our Southern California living.

Designed by:

Garden Master: Jonathan Hawley and Melisa Teisl
Chicweed Design & Landscaping, LLC

The Madd Potter
Briggs Nursery
Rancho Soledad Nursery
Encinitas Greenhouses
Rancho Vista Nursery
DM Color express

Easy to Look At

Gold Award

Dry streams look great anywhere. All natural, hand-set rock can be planted in and around using an efficient drip system—so water-wise! Each is unique, using rock colors designed and picked for your landscape, combined with drought tolerant plants.

Designed by:

Garden Master: Jonathan Bosch
Suncoast Waterfeatures

Southwest Boulder
Michael Kish, Green Acres

The Edible Landscape

Silver Award

Imagine taking a morning stroll through your backyard and being able to put together a mulberry, blueberry yogurt parfait. Then in the afternoon put toss a spring mix salad with tomatoes, cabbage and sweet beets. Finish the evening with a great dinner made of avocado lime chicken and steamed vegetables. All from your backyard. Bon appetite!

Designed by:

Garden Master:Tiger Palafox
Mission Hills Nursery

Hot Summer Nights

Gold Award

Best Home Landscape

This contemporary garden is the setting for fine dining and intimate conversations. Frogs croak under a gurgling fountain. Geometric patio and walkway paving meanders through low succulents and grasses. The branches of an ancient gnarled tree lift into the night. Pottery and decorative accents line pathways. Colorful rock and gravel mulches intertwine with plantings. Water capture is paramount. Permeable surfaces and passive drainage work in conjunction to eliminate runoff from the site. Stylist, rugged plants thrive in the heat and drought. Night-lighting enhancements complete the mood. This modern, artistic garden would be equally at home in Palm Springs, Temecula, or Del Mar.

Designed by:

Garden Master: Steve Harbour
Watersedge Landscape

Kniffings Nursery
Unique Lighting Systems
KRC Rock

Balance Point

Silver Award

Best Waterfeature
Outstanding plant – Grevillea ‘Moon Light’

A perfect balance of nature and manmade comfort. Whether you are seeking a quiet space or having a small get together with friends, this is the perfect place. Here you will find calm moments amongst a blend of tall plantings that create a barrier of privacy. A mix of low maintenance plants and natural rocks cover the variable terrain that surrounds you. A centered patio is located just close enough to enjoy the calming sounds of a natural waterfall. A place created to help you return to more important thoughts. A place to find your "Balance Point" balance.

Designed by:

Garden Master: Calvin Briers
Advanced Waterscape

KRC Rock
Walter Anderson Nursery
The Hungarian Workshop

Two Boys Playing in the Garden

Silver Award

Most Intimate Garden
Outstanding Plant – Dendrobium speciosum

A garden of joy with beautiful plants and accessories, whimsy and love of nature. It reflects the imagination and passion of its creators—two grown-up boys at play.

Designed by:

Garden Master: Dave Ericson
Ericson Landscape Consulting

Eric Gilliland, Landscape Architect
Weidners’ Gardens
Village Nursery
Briggs Nursery
Solana Succulents

Shifting Times

Gold Award

Most Dramatic

Ruins of an antique aquaduct define the space and tell the story of those before us. The water brings the sound and comfort of necessary resources, while a semi-arid landscape calls back to the natural environment. Using the 'existing' features, the simple, natural space transitions to a more modern/contemporary entertaining space while referencing the 'original' character and surrounding environment.

Designed by:

Garden Master: David Nuno and Sara Bendrick
Epic Landscape

Diamond Concrete Supply
Baez Designs
Modern Builders
Southwest Boulders
San Diego Urban Timber
JW Lumber
Ingenious Automation

Urban Haven

Gold Award

Pacific Horticulture Award for Horticultural Excellence
Best San Diego Adapted Landscape
Perfection in Nomenclature

Le petit-dejeuner is served beneath the cool shade of the baldoquin. You can shower outdoors or bathe in the sun in the midday heat on the customizable deck. Share a convivial summer evening with friends and family, surrounded by a carefully selected garden. The vegetation offers a scenic setting, but also provides year-round food seasoning and everyday remedies that make your outdoor space a relaxing and practical urban haven.

Designed by:

Garden Master: Yann Salvatge
Charly Poppins

RECON Native Plants

Rustic Pleasure

Gold Award

Perfection in Nomenclature

Simplify your life – taking time to enjoy rest, relax and enjoy outdoor living without all the fuss. Reclaimed wood is used inventively to create planters and easy care living walls with low water plants. It is your life—enjoy it!

Designed by:

Garden Master: Elfi Lawrence
Lawrence Design

Plant Designer – Roshan Skiver/Designer
Living wall designers – Roshan Skiver/Designer and Carmen Kulken/Designer
Plant placement – Roshan Skiver/Designer
Construction by – Santa Fe Construction and Restoration, Jose/Contractor
Fountain provided by – The Madd Potter
Furniture provided by – Carddine Home Resort Products
Materials provided by – Modern Builders
Plants provided by – Barrels and Branches Nursery

Sophie’s Garden

Gold Award

Judges’ Choice
Best Specialty Garden

Sophie’s Garden is not only a reality-based work training environment, but also a place of growth and opportunity for over 400 adults with developmental disabilities who attend St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center. Working with highly-trained staff in our organic vegetable gardens, vineyard and aquaponics system, students learn the value of a farm-to-table program. Our sales and propagation houses allow students to get their hands dirty while enjoying the therapeutic and tranquil outdoor atmosphere. The garden’s meandering pathways through the two-acre sustainable landscapes allow people with all types of disabilities to experience our “Garden of Opportunities” where more Life grows.

Designed by:

Garden Master: Mark Fisher
Saint Madeline Sophie’s Center,

RCP Block & Brick
Maness Vineyards Estate
Alpine Rock & Block

Water-wise… Tropical Treasures

Silver Award

Using more than flowers to create a dazzling water-wise landscape, this garden includes a mix of plants, both popular favorites and new introductions. Imagine walking out into your own tropical oasis surrounded by a lush blend of majestic palms, variegated ginger, Green Island ficus, and many other water-wise plants full of flowers and contrasting-foliage.

Designed by:

Garden Master: Steve Collins, Geronimo Chavez and Wally Kearns
Evergreen Nursery

The Giving Garden

Silver Award

First Garden Finished
Perfection in Nomenclature

A bountiful harvest awaits in this edible dream come true.

Designed by:

Garden Master: Scott Ensign
Scotty’s Plantscape

Brett Ensign
Gayle Ensign
Evergreen Nursery
RCP Block and Brick
KRC Rock
EZ Flow
Unique Lighting
Grow Power