Floating in Life

Award of Merit
Most Experimental

Dedicated to our Father – Joseph Cryns

Small spaces become intimate with sophisticated contemporary details. Materials make this garden rich in texture and interest while each plant is selected for specific purpose in this finely structured patio design. Water spills over zinc pots into the patio itself – disappearing, floating – as elusive as time.

Designed by:

Jesse Cryns and Gabriel Cryns
JCMS Landscaping

Comfort Zone

Award of Merit

A relaxing colorful garden, a gentle pondless waterfall and stream surrounded by easy care colorful succulents and flora.

Designed by:

Jonathan Bosch
Suncoast Natural Waterfeatures

The Elemental Garden

Award of Merit
Judges' Choice
Pacific Horticulture Award for Horticultural Excellence

The basic elements of wood, water and stone create a relaxed and timeless setting. Fundamental principles of landscape design are expressed subtly in this invigorating yet soothing garden.

Designed by:

Jeremiah Turner
Turner Landscapes

In the Swim

Award of Merit
Best Interpretive Signage

Fascinating, colorful succulents, so drought tolerant in your garden, here create an undersea fantasy. Just think what you can do with them in your garden.

Designed by:

Wally Kearns
Evergreen Nursery

Drawn to Succulents

Award of Merit
Best Specialty Garden

Color, composition, line, form – succulents have it all. These eye-pleasing plants can be dramatically sculptural, exotic or even whimsical but are always interesting and water wise.

Designed by:

Jeff Moore
Solana Succulents

There and Back Again

Award of Merit
Most Appealing to Children

This is the comfortable home of Bilbo Baggins resting deep in The Shire. Hobbits live in peace and quiet where they share a love of things that grow.

Designed by:

Scott Ensign
Scotty's Plantscapes

Desert Springs

Award of Merit
Perfection in Nomenclature
Best Use of Rock

Allow yourself to enjoy your own paradise at home. Create an ideal landscape for our San Diego climate, where desert wilderness meets city comfort. Your garden can give you intimate infusion with nature and restore the natural rhythm of your life, without leaving the comforts of home.

Designed by:

Juan Dorta-Duque
Stonebrook Landscape

Tropical Dreams

Award of Merit

Enjoy a little piece paradise amidst the palms, in this tropical backyard landscape. Relax to the sound of cascading water, and dream a little. Your dream is a reality with us.

Designed by:

Francisco Mendoza
Mendoza's Supreme Landscape

Natural Beauty

Award of Merit
Best Use of Lighting

This low maintenance California garden combines rustic materials with a vibrant and exotic plant palette. A perfectly balanced outdoor room is illuminated by ambient lighting. The soothing sounds of water make this garden a serene retreat.

Designed by:

Barry Thau
Eco Minded Solutions

Family Garden

Award of Merit
Best Home Landscape
Most Creative Use of Space

A great place for the family to relax and enjoy, or use the game court to play an exciting game of Bocce. The salvaged dining table invites projects and family meals, gentle evening nights will warm to the fire pit. Filled with easy care, low maintenance, California friendly plants, it can conform to all types of activities.

Designed by:

Shellene Mueller
Designs by Shellene

Colors and Textures

It's all about detail as the plants interplay their various colors and textures into the visual drama of this interesting garden.

Designed by:

Mike Hirsch
Gardens by the Sea

That Peaceful Place

Award of Merit

Let the sound of nature carry you away from the stress of daily life…in your own back yard sanctuary.

Designed by:

Calvin Briers
Advanced Waterscape

Naturally Modern

Best of Show:
Second Place

Award of Merit
Award for Design Excellence Most Educational
Best Water Feature
Best Hardscape Feature

Modern landscape architecture doesn't have to feel stark, cold or unapproachable. Our presentation "Naturally Modern" is meant to illustrate just how warm and inviting our version of modern landscape architecture can be. We believe that most things aesthetically beautiful have a built-in mathematical rhythm and balance. We strive to find that natural "golden ratio" of texture, color, proportion and energy in everyproject.

Designed by:

Micha Helkenberg
DC West Construction

Modern Meets Native

Award of Merit
Perfection in Nomenclature

California native plants are nature's perfection in our landscapes and they blend beautifully into even the most modern architecture. This is the landscaping of the future made present.

Designed by:

Navid Mostatabi
Envision Landscape Studio

Who’s Eating in the Garden?

Award of Merit
Best Topiary Feature

Picking and eating
Nibbling and noshing
A walk through the garden leads to adventures for taste and sharing.

Designed by:

Paige Perkins
Garden Chat


Best of Show:
Third Place

Award of Merit
Water Smart Award
Perfection in Nomenclature
Best Compatibility of Plant Materials
Best San Diego Adapted Garden

Water thrifty plantings surround this outdoor living space, inviting you to relax and slow down. Whether sipping coffee in the sun or gathering with friends under the stars, get away from it all in your own backyard.

Designed by:

Kristi Beach, Akana Design
Emma Almendarez, Glorious Gardens

Outside the Box

Best of Show:
First Place

Award of Merit

Most Dramatic

Best Intimate Garden


Rustic and handmade, this garden turns the inside "out" in a garden room, surrounded by green walls of fine-textured foliage. Whether lounging in timeless Fermob furniture sipping a coffee next to the vintage fireplace, or relaxing on the suspended daybed watching your favorite movie, this garden has it all. Tucked into the landscape, a bubbling fountain adds a subtle touch of energy. Whimsy, comfort and modern amenities, step outside the box and into a garden designed to please.


Designed by:

Ryan Prang
Falling Waters Landscape

Stairway to Home

Award of Merit
Best Combinations of Plant Materials

A change in attitude can be a change in your life in this beautiful garden. Step out of the ordinary world into your own private, Zen-like space where you will find renewal, rest and rejuvenation.

Designed by:

Brian Best
Garden Spirit

Serenity at Home

Award of Merit

Home is your retreat, where you have the chance to rest and unwind after a busy day in the world. Enjoy the beauty without all the work in this easy care, low maintenance setting. Relax, you've earned it!

Designed by:

Elfi Lawrencey
Lawrence Design

There’s No Garden Like Your Own

Award of Merit
Best Interpretation of Theme

If you decide to follow the yellow brick road or not,

You are the wizard

Don't be a coward, be creative as your heart desires

It isn't somewhere over the rainbow nor a land afar,

It's a space called a garden that is a Part of your Home.

Designed by:

Ryan Doughty
Weidners' Nursery