Shellene Mueller

How to Hire a Landscape Professional

Shellene MuellerAward winning landscape designer, Shellene Mueller, grew up in the landscaping business and has seen it all—from landscaping disasters to award-winning home paradises that are easy to look at and maintain. She will help you understand just what type of professional you need for your own landscaping project. Learn why and when to hire professionals and what each type of professional can do for you. Understand how trying to save money in the wrong places can end up being more expensive.

Shellene Mueller is the principal Landscape Designer of Designs by Shellene. She is also a California State Licensed Contractor and runs a successful specialty landscape company, Rustica Garden Works, with her husband Carl. Shellene provides residential landscape design services to clients in the greater San Diego area. They specialize in drought-tolerant design/low water use landscapes with a timeless appeal. Shellene has won numerous awards for her drought-tolerant landscapes, and always strives to educate on the functionality, beauty and low maintenance aspects of this style of garden design. Shellene and her husband work closely in the creation and installation of custom garden structures and garden installations. This hands-on approach aide her greatly in the design process. Having construction knowledge is key in designing not only a beautiful garden but a realistic and functional garden.