Scott Daigre – Co-author, Tomatomania and founder, Tomatomania event and owner, Powerplant Garden Design
If you ask Scott Daigre where it all started you might hear, “I was five and planted my first vegetable garden in Denver,” or “my grandfather’s tomato garden on the Mississippi River.” Or maybe “springtime after a winter in Chicago,” or “in a crowded community garden in Hollywood.” But no matter where it actually began, it’s clear that being in and around gardens was a major influence in his life. It eventually became his career. Scott Daigre is an author, garden designer, educator, marketing consultant, event producer, and public speaker. He spent most of his young life in Louisiana then moved to the west coast to start his professional career. He’s led garden tours around the world, spoken at this country’s most influential spring garden shows and designs landscapes throughout Southern California through his company, Powerplant Garden Design. Scott also owns and produces TOMATOMANIA!, a springtime seedling sales event he helped build at the nursery that changed his life’s direction. Since 1999 the event has been held in 5 states and 25 cities, exciting home gardeners each spring via a series of unique pop-up garden seminars. The New York Times called him “A garden designer-turned the Dale Carnegie of tomatophiles.” St. Martin’s Press published Scott’s tomato-growing how-to and cookbook,  TOMATOMANIA! A Fresh Approach to Celebrating Tomatoes in the Garden and in the Kitchen.