Pamela Berstler, Award-winning Founder and designer, G3 Green Gardens Group
Pamela Berstler is a nationally recognized expert on soil and water management who developed the Watershed Approach, a regenerative landscape strategy, and grew it into a nationwide movement with twelve guidebooks on the subject. Agencies and municipalities throughout the western U.S. have adopted its principles as their landscape standards. For 15 years, Pamela has helmed G3 Green Gardens Group, an award-winning EPA Professional Certifying Organization that educates and certifies property owners, policy makers, and landscape professionals in irrigation and rainwater capture. Prior to G3, Pamela spent a decade as a licensed landscape contractor with an award-winning bespoke design-build firm specializing in innovations for sustainable cities. Pamela also has provided leadership in executive roles with non-profit organizations such as Pacific Horticulture Society, Association of Professional Landscape Designers, and Surfrider Foundation. Drawing on her degree in Psychology and Organization Design from university of Pennsylvania and MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management, Pamela is deeply committed to the reinvigoration of American entrepreneurship through regenerative land management and agriculture.