Marcia Van Loy

Attracting Birds and Butterflies to Your Garden

Marcia Van Loy ResizeMarcia Van Loy has been a volunteer with the Master Gardener Association for 13 years. She has gardened for over 30 years in the Clairemont area of San Diego and in the past coordinated their Town Council’s annual garden tour for nine years. After many years of collecting rustic birdhouses, she now teaches Master Gardeners how to build them as a way to raise funds for their educational programs.

Marcia is a sought-after speaker and has shared her depth of knowledge with many regional gardening organizations. Her insights and techniques are verified and easy to understand and will give you a head start in attracting hummingbirds and butterflies into your garden. Her garden is a Certified Wildlife Habitat and was featured in the San Diego Home and Garden Magazine’s April 2013 edition. Growing plants for hummingbirds and butterflies in her hillside garden is one of Marcia’s favorite subjects to share with others.