Seminar Schedule

FRIDAY, January 8th

Getting Started with California Native Plants 
Lucy Warren – Co-author, The California Native Landscape and The Drought-Defying California Garden
An introduction to landscaping with California native plants. Learn the ABCs of creating beautiful, evergreen, low water, low maintenance landscapes that are beautiful year round. Discover how and why California natives are different from non-native plants and the right protocols to help them thrive. Learn about the importance of smart garden design and combining the right plants to promote the natural symbiosis that occurs within native plant communities. Lucy will also share how to deal with the most common pests and cutting-edge information on the crucial role that natives play in creating fire-resistant landscapes.

Hot New Plants for 2021
Nicholas Staddon – Horticultural Consultant, former Director of New Plants, Monrovia

Attracting Birds, Butterflies and Other Backyard Wildlife
David Mizejewski – Naturalist and Spokesperson for National Wildlife Federation and author, Attracting Birds, Butterflies and Other Backyard Wildlife
One of the joys of gardening is creating a beautiful, natural space that you, your family and the local birds, butterflies and other backyard wildlife can enjoy. Join National Wildlife Federation naturalist and television host David Mizejewski for a fun and informative talk on creating wildlife habitat gardens. David will cover each of the four components of habitat – food, water, shelter and places to raise young – explaining each and sharing tips, ideas and projects that participants can implement in their own gardens. David will talk about the role of native plants in the garden and why wildlife depends upon them, and how to make your yard a productive part of the local ecosystem. Discover how you can have your garden recognized as an official “Certified Wildlife Habitat” and how to help the National Wildlife Federation reach others in Southern California and teach them about wildlife-friendly gardening.

Grow Your Best Tomatoes in 2021!
Scott Daigre – Co-author, Tomatomania and founder, Tomatomania event and owner, Powerplant Garden Design

Go With the Mow: Tips for Making Yard Work Easier
Tiger Palafox – Manager, Eco Gardeners at Mission Hills Nursery and co-host, Garden America radio show
Tiger Palafox with ECO Gardeners knows tools, and knows how using the right tool for the right chore can really help with maintaining a beautiful landscape. He will give you tips on using technology, tools and techniques to make your time working in the yard less than the time enjoying your yard. Battery powered yard tools are better for the environment, better for the user and now they are even better for the plants. Tiger will give you the rundown on what to look for in tools and how to use them properly. Do you want your lawn mowed at midnight while you sleep like little gnomes are taking care of your yard? The Automower is your answer, Tiger will teach you the best way to use this “Roomba” for your lawn and how it actually is better for your lawn than the standard lawn mower. Log in to pick his brain regarding maintenance tips and techniques.

Getting Baked: Top Plants for the Hottest Sites
Janet Sluis – Horticulturist and Manager, Sunset Western Garden Collection Test Gardens

Designing with Water Wise California Native Plants
Billy Goodnick – Santa Barbara Landscape Architect, author, Yards: Turn Any Outdoor Space into the Garden of Your Dreams
California’s native plants offer nearly limitless uses in your residential garden, from creating wildlife-attracting, naturalistic landscapes to cottage, contemporary or traditional style spaces. Landscape Architect Billy Goodnick will outline the steps professional designers use to assure that the finished garden is beautiful, useful, and sustainable. His topics will include site planning to enhance outdoor living, selecting plants based on what they “do” in the garden as well as how to create beautiful, year-round interest.

Stylish Succulent Designs for Everyone
Jessica Cain – Owner and Creator, “In Succulent Love” and author, Stylish Succulent Designs

Happy Houseplants 101: Tips for Indoor Gardening Success
Jeff Robbins and Ari Tenenbaum – Co-owners and designers, Revolution Landscape and creators of Instant Plant FoodTM
“Interior gardening” is high on everyone’s stay-at-home need to help create a more soothing environment. Whether you are just getting started on bringing nature inside with houseplants or you are well into succumbing to creating an urban jungle, Jeff Robbins and Ari Tenenbaum will help you get the most from your houseplants and avoid common pitfalls. Discover how to evaluate your space to determine the right plant for the right spot; understand how light, water, and nutrients contribute to healthy plant growth and learn how to troubleshoot when problems arise. Ready. Set. Grow!

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SATURDAY, January 9

When Sustainability Meets Sanctuary
John Beaudry – Award-winning owner, Beaudry Garden Design and author, Garden Sanctuary

Fearless Gardening: Be Bold, Break the Rules and Grow What You Love
Loree Bohl –
Author, Fearless Gardening and blogger, “Danger Garden”
Too often gardening advice comes in the form of rules: do this, don’t do that, plant this, don’t plant that. This can stifle creativity and personal expression, resulting in a garden that feels impersonal and generic. Fearless Gardening is a call to arms; urging gardeners to be bold, break the rules and grow what they love. In this photo-rich seminar you’ll be inspired to look at plants differently, see your garden through new eyes, to treat gardening as an adventure.

Joe Lamp’l – Producer and Co-Host, “Growing a Greener World TV” on PBS

Houseplants: The New Garden Obsession
Lisa Eldred Steinkopf – Author, Houseplants, The Complete Guide to Choosing and Grow in The Dark
Are you ready to buy a houseplant but are unsure if you have a “green thumb”? Are you afraid you won’t be able to keep it alive? Everyone can cultivate a green thumb by paying attention to what their plants are telling them. In this seminar, you will learn the proper care of your plants including watering, grooming, light requirements, and more. With more people spending more time at home and inside, we all need a little green in our lives — or maybe a lot of green!

The Less is More Garden: Big Ideas for Designing Your Small Yard
Susan Morrison – Landscape designer and author, The Less is More Garden and Garden Up!
Attention, space-challenged gardeners! The “less is more” approach to garden design was created specifically to address the realities small-to-average-sized backyards present. From learning a novel technique that will help you determine the best ways to invest your budget, to strategies for creating spaciousness, to suggestions for high-performing, problem-solving plants, you will learn how less space and effort can result in more beauty and enjoyment.

A Native Plant for Every Spot in the Garden
Pamela Berstler Award-winning Founder and designer, G3 Green Gardens Group
The secret professional landscape designers know is that there are thousands of California native plants uniquely adapted to our climate, soils, and water scarcity which are right at home in Southern California home landscapes. This curated short list of botanical beauties will add color, structure, and vibrancy to your garden on 10% of the water your thirsty lawn needs, proving that losing the lawn isn’t a sacrifice, it’s an upgrade.

Simplify Your Yard with Sensational Succulents
Debra Lee Baldwin – Author, Designing with Succulents, Succulents Simplified and Succulent Container Gardens
Succulents can help you garden smarter, not harder. These fleshy-leaved plants are the secret to easy, carefree gardens in mild, low-rainfall climates. With Debra’s expert guidance, you’ll evaluate your yard, learn how to work with what you’ve got, and apply design principles that make a big difference. You’ll know which succulents to select, and why those you’ve already tried may not have been right for you.

The Squish Factor: Designing Abundant Containers
Karen Chapman – Owner, Le Jardinet and award-winning co-author, Fine Foliage and Foliage First
Do your container gardens fizzle out mid-summer? Are you confident that your combinations will look fabulous, or fearful they will become a tangled mess? Join professional designer Karen Chapman as she shares the tips and tricks of the trade to creating lush, dramatic container gardens. Glean inspiration for putting the pizzazz back in your pots whether your preferred style is contemporary, whimsical, romantic or truly bodacious!

Taming the Indoors Urban Jungle: Designing with Houseplants
Baylor Chapman – Author, The Plant Recipe Book and Decorating with Plants and owner and designer, Lila B
Experience joy on this inspiring plant-filled journey throughout the home. From a tiny desktop to an entire room, learn how to add suitable plants to strike a mood and portray your personality. Discover the benefits of houseplants and how they enhance our well-being. Empower the art of design to reveal the relationship of plants, containers, and surroundings. Go beyond just a plant in a pot and discover how thoughtful plant design makes any house feel like a nurturing home.