Jeremy Bugarchich

San Diego Botanic Garden Plants You Can Grow at Home

Jeremy Bugarchich, Curator, San Diego Botanic Garden

Jeremy joined San Diego Botanic Garden in 2016 as gardener and progressed to curator. He is originally from Connecticut where he achieved his B.S. in Biology. He started his plant career in a local Connecticut nursery. Jeremy’s main focus at the garden is to maintain the plant records and maps. He also focuses on the maintenance of special collections such as cycads, bamboo and the newly opened conservatory plant collection.

Debra Lee Baldwin

Top Succulents for Colorful, Carefree Gardens

Debra Lee Baldwin, Bestselling Author, Succulent Expert

Debra Lee Baldwin is the renowned author and garden photojournalist who launched worldwide interest in succulents in 2007 with Designing with Succulents (now in a completely revised second edition). Debra, who has over 5,000,000 YouTube views, cultivates all sorts of succulents in her half-acre, North County garden.

Rachael Cohen

Plants, Creativity and Wellness

Rachael Cohen, Creator/Owner of Infinite Succulent, Author

Rachael is the creator & owner of Infinite Succulent, a botanical styling, art and education service dedicated to reconnecting people with the infinite power of Nature and themselves. She is an experienced environmental educator who believes that our health is intricately tied to the health of the planet. Rachael is also the author of the book Infinite Succulent: Miniature Living Art to Keep or Share (Countryman Press, 2019). You can follow Rachael on Instagram and Facebook @infinitesucculent.

Magen Shaw

Unique Trees of San Diego

Maegan Shaw, Horticulturist, City of San Diego Parks and Recreation Department

Magen has always loved nature and being outside. She majored in Environmental Restoration at San Jose State where she was student ambassador on the University’s Sustainability Board. She worked for Davey Resource Group in positions of increasing responsibility as a consulting arborist and ecologist throughout Southern California. She currently works for the City of San Diego Parks and Recreation Department as the Horticulturist for Balboa Park.

Greg Rubin

California Native Landscaping

Greg Rubin, Founder and Owner of California’s Own Native Landscape Design, Inc.

San Diego Horticultural Society’s 2018 Horticulturist of the Year, Greg Rubin, is the president and founder of California’s Own Native Landscape Design, Inc., a licensed landscape contracting firm, working with California native plants since 1985. Greg is co-author with Lucy Warren of The California Native Landscape: the Homeowners’ Design Guide to Restoring its Beauty and Balance and The Drought Defying California Garden, published by Timber Press

Nan Sterman

Raise Your Vegetables In Bed

Nan Sterman, Creator and Star of A Growing Passion, Author

California native Nan Sterman is host and co-producer of the award winning public TV show, A Growing Passion, which connects plants, people, and the planet.  Nan is author of the brand new Hot Color, Dry Garden, California Gardener’s Guide vII and Waterwise Plants for the Southwest.  She leads international garden tours (this year to Philadelphia and the Brandywine Valley) and designs gardens for San Diegans who desire beautiful edible, low water, and sustainable gardens.  and

David Clarke

Plants, Creativity and Wellness

David Clarke, APLD, David Clarke Design

David Clarke Design specializes in residential climate-appropriate landscape design. David Clarke, APLD, is a native Southern Californian and has been inspired by the climate, terrain, and lifestyles of this unique region since childhood. He started David Clarke Design to offer clients quality landscape design services reflecting this appreciation and understanding of our unique Mediterranean climate.

Linda Bresler

Companion Plants for Succulents

Linda Bresler, Landscape Designer and Licensed Landscape Contractor

Linda is the owner of Living Designs by Linda, a landscape design and consulting firm that specializes in colorful, water-wise gardens that look lovely year-round. One of Linda’s landscape designs was chosen as the Grand Prize Winner, 2012 Garden of the Year, by San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles magazine. She is a certified Landscape Contractor. Linda has three horticultural and design certificates and over 35 years of landscape design experience.

Tyler “Mr. Trees” Trimble

Organic Fruit Tree Care

Tyler “Mr. Trees” Trimble , Home Orchard Specialist

Tyler is the owner of San Diego Backyard Fruit and is an educator for many of our local nurseries.  Tyler was raised on a family farm in Arizona and has always loved fruit. You may have experienced one of his classes at Walter Andersen’s Nursery or Dave Wilson Nursery. He has managed a nursery and ran one of the most extensive fruit departments in California. He has now left the retail nursery to accommodate his own expanding company Backyard Fruit. He wants to help everyone select the very best varieties of fruit trees for their area, and solve local disease and pest problems.

Backyard Fruit S.D. on YouTube

Wilbur Nowlin

“Weeds” for Forage and Health

Wilbur Nowlin, Executive Director, Trees for Health

Wilbur has had extensive and varied career experience and is currently the Executive Director for Trees for Health garden in Balboa Park. Trees for Health is an association whose mission is to promote public education, cultivation, and enjoyment of healing plants through direct experience, research, and sharing of expertise. The mission  is supported through outreach to the public by hosting educational seminars and providing materials, maintaining and developing the “Trees for Health Garden” in Balboa Park including the trees and grounds, and by cultivating community partnerships and training volunteers.

Roy Wilburn

Spring Veggies

Roy Wilburn, Horticulture Director, Cadence Living

Roy Wilburn, was a commercial grower of row crops in Baja CA for 20 years and an herb grower in Oceanside CA for three years. Roy is the Horticulture Manager for Cadance Living at Poway Gardens. When he is not in the greenhouse and gardens, producing organic fruits and vegetables for the residents and families in need in the Poway/Rancho Bernardo area, he is spreading his knowledge to groups and clubs throughout San Diego County so that members may be successful in growing their own produce. Helping school gardens, community gardens and food bank gardens are his passion.

Candace Vanderhoff

Fall in Love with Native Bees

Candace Vanderhoff , the founder of SoloBee, a local bee shelter manufacturing company.

There are 20,000 species of native bees in the world, 97% of these are solitary, do not sting or make honey, but are super pollinators. Come learn how you can invite these gentle bees to your garden with flowers, water and a native bee shelter. Candace Vanderhoff the founder of SoloBee, a local bee shelter manufacturing company will share how she began inviting bees to her San Diego garden and how you can too.