2018 Garden Master Awards

Ericson Landscape Consulting
Garden Master: Dave Ericson
Garden Name: Play the Cards You Were Dealt Like the Cards You Wanted
Silver Medal
Best Interpretation of Theme

Lux Landscape Design
Garden Master: Dominic Ramirez
Garden Name: LVX
Gold Medal
Judges’ Choice
Pacific Horticulture Award for Horticultural Excellence
Most Creative Use of Space
Best Use of Hardscape

Green Acres
Garden Master: Mike Kish
Garden Name: A Slice of Paradise
Silver Medal
Best Combinations of Plant Materials

Bella Design Pavers & Turf
Garden Master: Jason Maddox  & Wade Whitaker
Garden Name: Backyard Beer Garden
Gold Medal
People’s Choice
Best Specialty Garden
Best Interpretive Signage
Perfection in Nomenclature

Epic Landscape
Garden Master: Memo Garcia
Garden Name: Mid Century Modern

Advanced  Waterscape
Garden Master: Calvin Briers
Garden Name: Your Peaceful Place
Gold Medal
Best Water Feature

Scotty’s Plantscape
Garden Master: Scotty Ensign & Rebecca Hillix-Garcia
Garden Name: Bohemian Living
Silver Medal
Best Compatibility of Plant Materials
Best Intimate Garden
Perfection in Nomenclature

Storybook Garden
Garden Master: Melissa Phillips
Garden Name: Discover Your Story, Find Your Happy
Gold Medal
Most Appealing to Children

Olive A Dream
Garden Master: Rick and Amy Warren
Garden Name: Living Large
Gold Medal
Water Smart Award
Most Dramatic
Best Topiary Feature
Perfection in Nomenclature

Evergreen Nursery
Garden Master: Steven Collins
Garden Name: Browse in Your Garden
Gold Medal
APLD Award for Design Excellence
Most Educational
Best Home Landscape

Southwest College Landscape & Technology Program
Garden Master: Soils Science Class
Garden Name: Native Plants, Native Soils
Best San Diego Adapted Garden