Francie Murphy and Maria Mata

Roses: How to Grow America’s Favorite Flower

Francie Murphy

Francie has been growing roses for more than 20 years and became a University of California-certified Master Gardener in 2014. She follows a no-fuss policy for her mix of antique and modern roses. Before retiring from her public relations business, she managed national and global public relations programs for more than 30 years. Ms. Murphy frequently lectures on how to work with the news media. She also helps to publicize many seminars sponsored by Master Gardeners.

Francie has served on several boards and remains very active as a grant writer and publicist for the Greyhound Adoption Center in El Cajon and also volunteers in countless ways at the Village Church in Rancho Santa Fe. In her spare time, Ms. Murphy enjoys tending her Del Mar garden of succulents, edibles and antique roses. Trying to perfect her golf swing is another never-ending pursuit.

Maria Mata is a Master Gardener with a history of volunteering at the award winning Balboa Park rose garden for over 12 years.  She was mentored by the late Dick Streeper, also known as the “Rose Man”.  She continues to volunteer at the rose garden along with Sue Streeper and a group of 40 volunteers.